In mid-April, Komplet Spa, represented by director Tonino Filonzi, seized a very important opportunity in Benghazi. Show Yourself presented the company, which is based in the Marche region, as a technical partner that could deal with the enormous work of recovering the urban areas that were destroyed in the clashes that took place between 2014 and 2017. Komplet Spa had the opportunity to meet the Mayor of the Municipality of Benghazi, Eng. Alsaqar Emran Abojwary, and the Technical Committee of the Municipality.

The proposed solutions, which had been studied for the past 2 and a half years, offer an answer to the capital city of Cyrenaica’s urgent need to begin the recovery of the two historic districts closest to the port. Sabri and the Old City used to represent the historic heart of the city, with examples of Italian architecture visible in their historic buildings, government headquarters, city hospitals and schools. Over 6,000 damaged buildings, half of which had to be completely demolished, housed over 300,000 people until the start of the fighting that led to the defeat of Ansar Al Sharia’s Islamic militia, very close to Al Qaeda, by Marshal Haftar, who started Operation Karima – Dignity – in mid-2014.

In Benghazi, Komplet Spa’s full proposition was also presented in detail to Ali al-Hibri, the Governor of the Central Bank, which will be the organization in charge of financing the Municipality’s project.
The existing partnership with local private companies has allowed Italian companies to create strong connections with the local community, which in turn allows us to envisage a satisfactory end of the negotiations after the Ramadan.

The goal is to achieve the pacification of civil society in Benghazi and to resume a normal life.The magnitude of the work to be done.

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