The project concerns the activities of Study, Research and Consultancy as regards the implementation of two acquisition campaigns, one for Signalers and one for Final Customers interested in promoting and purchasing the Client’s products and services on the National Territory.
Thanks to the study and analysis, in the areas of interest, of the Potential Signalers’ profiles, of the products offered and of any competing service, in terms of quality, type, and costs, the campaigns will help the Client in several ways.

The Client will receive information on the following: how to identify a strategic Partner to carry out the campaigns through Internet Marketing technologies; designing and drafting the texts for the activities necessary to carry out the Internet Marketing campaigns; producing content for all mailing activities and creating the funnel; analyzing and monitoring the data received through the Internet Marketing Platform; creating and drafting the texts necessary for the Meetings with Potential Signalers – the latter being a necessary step to present diamonds as “a means of protecting wealth and building personal, family and corporate assets” and as “the effective alternative to traditional investments in vehicles such as securities, which currently suffer from high risk and low profitability”.

Libia, Fiera Maggio 2018

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