Albania represents an interesting gateway to the Balkan markets and more.

The government led by Prime Minister Rama, recently re-elected for the third consecutive term, is implementing interesting solutions to support the development of European companies that look to Albania as a production destination.

In order to be internationally competitive, several companies who work in various areas of the manufacturing sector have chosen Albania with excellent results, thanks to the great balance between qualified workmanship, logistics and wage costs.

Italian companies also benefit from two important factors such as easy interpersonal relationships and physical and cultural proximity.
Italian is spoken and understood by more than 75% of the population, many Albanians have lived in Italy for years after the fall of the regime in 1991 and have learned “our” know-how.

The fact that opening a business is easy and the competitive management costs – including taxes – make this an especially competitive opportunity.

In this country, overhead costs allow companies to operate in a qualitative, quantitative and competitive way.

Indeed, producing abroad allows European companies to export their know-how and generate growth and social well-being, while ensuring that the factories located in European countries and staffed by local workers can also be maintained.

Show Yourself Srl is the exclusive partner for Italy of Italian Network, which has been operating in Albania for over 15 years.
Together, we offer Italian companies all the assistance they need to evaluate Albania as the location of their business or as a development market.

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