Organizing missions, participating in Fairs and B2B meetings thanks to our long-standing network of professional relationships.
Non-exclusive reference areas: Middle East & North Africa.

" It’s the journey that makes the man, not the other way around "

— John Steinbeck

Planning International Cooperation

Designing and organizing projects for International Cooperation, for the exportation of expertise, and for commercial distribution.

“The curious mind knows no boundaries”

Consulting in the Real Estate sector

The network of professionals that we have built over the years allows us to identify investment solutions, both in Italy and abroad, suitable for Investment Funds, CFOs or Individuals.
Building land available for Tourist Development projects in prestigious locations, important real estate properties used as Accommodation Facilities, Assisted Health Care Solutions or Luxury Residences.

"An idea becomes a project, a project becomes reality, a reality becomes a model"

— Luca Bargilli

From these experiences Luca Bargilli, founder of Show Yourself has created the manual:

“The 7 rules for selling abroad”

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— Luca Bargilli, Show Yourself CEO

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