Doriano Marcucci from Montegranaro participates to an exhibition in Doha

My important human relations, primarily with the Italian Ambassador in Doha, Mr. Guido De Sanctis, and my own reputation allowed me to arrange for a cooperation agreement with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Qatar, an organization that boasts a long-standing presence in the country. Qatar has been experiencing significant growth trends and important economic development programs are planned for the coming years. It will host the World Soccer Championships in 2022 and the World Athletics Championships in 2019, and the reigning Family is very active, at home and abroad, in the development of luxury brands and other economic sectors.

Our idea was therefore to showcase the creations of this Italian excellence in Doha, and for this reason we signed an exclusive agreement with the Ferrari Show Room at The Pearl.
The exhibition took place among the Prancing Horse supercars that visitors can take for a spin throughout the city.

The special cork boxes acted as upstands, while the pieces were uncovered one at a time during the opening night as the Artist described the process behind each one, including the unique “Jewel Shoe”.
The presence of one of the richest men in the country, Mr. Alfardaan, was the key element that turned this already-special occasion into a timeless, charming event. The world’s most renowned pearl collector invited the Show Yourself delegation to admire his private collection that includes, among several other wonders, the biggest pearl in the world, worn here by our interpreter, Ms. Gloria Alpini.

Libia, Fiera Maggio 2018

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