For Dubai EXPO2020 we have designed and created an event dedicated to foreign buyers and investors for an Italian fashion brand. We accompanied the Italian company to win a tender from the Marche Region intended to finance participation in Expo2020 as a step in an internationalization process.

The activity involved some of Show Yourself’s historical partners and other new ones who made it possible, all together, to make their skills available to the customer in the digital, web, social fields, in the organization of events and in the creation of a calendar of ‘B2B meetings thus creating a very high level Event at the Four Season Hotel DIFC in Dubai 23 February 2002. Present economic operators from the Middle East fashion sector, journalists, media, influencers, the delegation of the Marche Region and the Italian Vice Consul in Dubai.

Because for us, looking for new markets abroad does not only mean participating in trade fairs but it means creating a series of activities around our client that make him perceive as something unique and particular, worthy of being observed and known.

We can do this thanks to the sensitivity and professionalism that we have gathered around us, to the passion with which we face every project in any sector. The satisfactions usually repay us for the long design work, for the attention we put into details, in the time we invest in finding the best solutions and for not stopping in front of obstacles, which we never experience as such but as challenges to be overcome.

In times like these, standard solutions are not enough to win on international markets, you need innovative ideas, experience, professional resources, continuous analysis skills and international relations with proven experience.

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