In the aftermath of the explosion of a Russian airliner flying over the Sinai in 2015, the company was commissioned by senior Egyptian officials to provide a solution to prevent the possibility that explosives of any nature could be smuggled on a flight. Having already studied a similar solution for the Benghazi airport in Libya in the autumn of 2014, we devised a solution that included sending Italian operators with highly trained dogs, able to identify various explosive substances, to the major airports in Egypt, at Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh.

Since the request had come from academic circles, we had also proposed the annual training of Local Operators and specialized dogs of the most promising breeds (mostly Malinois and German Shepherds). The presentation of these proposals took place at the Egyptian Embassy in Rome, at the presence of the Military Attaché and other Officials. The approval of the proposed solutions had allowed us to schedule a trip to Cairo for the official presentation of the project to the highest ranks of the Ministry of Aviation and the Police Academy. The aftermath of what sadly happened to Giulio Regeni has frozen the progress of relations.

Libia, Fiera Maggio 2018

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