Mission at Benghazi, March 2018

At the end of 2017, a number of representatives of the Municipality of Benghazi and local businessmen asked me to develop a collaboration between the Marche region and the local entrepreneurs. After the last 3 and a half years of fighting, which destroyed two historic districts of the city and led over 300,000 people to evacuate the area, there is now a strong desire to rebuild this important part of the city.

Thanks to my long-standing relations with the Benghazi Community, we then organized an exploratory Mission for the month of March. The mission aimed at collecting visual testimonies on the compelling need to rebuild the areas of the city characterized by Italian style architecture, a task that the Local Administrators would like to entrust to Italian companies, in order maintain the original styles and reconstruction methods. For this reason, I was joined by photojournalist Giovanni Diffidenti, a great expert on Africa, cooperation, and post-conflict scenarios.

The Italian Ambassador to Tripoli, Mr. Giuseppe Perrone, was informed of the mission, as well as his Councilor, Ms. Marica Cicconi, who also hails from the Marche Region and who was therefore very keen for Marche-based companies to seize this important opportunity.
Representing the current reality of Benghazi to the Italian businesses in order to evaluate the possibility of participating in the International Conference and Fair called “Rebuilding Benghazi” scheduled for the month of May.

In the wounded heart of Benghazi

Exclusive report released on the November-December 2018 issue of the bi-monthly magazine “Africa

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Fair in Libya, May 2018

A secure city, who saw the participation of qualified Members of the House of Representatives, local entrepreneurs, the municipal administration, universities and the civil society.
The topics at hand: exchanging ideas and proposals for the reconstruction, as well as new urban and human development projects.
Show Yourself was the only Italian private company to contribute to the Conference with a speech by Mr. Bargilli on the role of consulting companies when it comes to approaching this market, which is very important for the entire construction supply chain, as well as for the furnishings, contract and urban infrastructure sectors.

Komplet, the leading company in the field of recycling demolition materials for reconstruction selected by Show Yourself, took part in the fair, which saw the participation of Libyan, Chinese, English, Indian and Greek companies, arousing great interest thanks to its Italian-made technological solutions.
As the only Italian company present for the private business segment, Komplet had an easy time being noticed and drawing the attention of local media and authorities, consolidating the existing good relations with local businesses and Authorities.
In addition to talking about the reconstruction of the two districts involved in the almost 4-year conflict, with around 6,000 damaged buildings and 47,000 displaced families, this opportunity helped build traditional business relations concerning the rest of the city of Benghazi, which has about 1.5 million inhabitants, and the important future developments of the capital of Cyrenaica.

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