This second edition of Libya Food held in Tripoli from March 4 – 7 represented a great opportunity for Italian companies. Show Yourself’s booth, which hosted six Italian companies and one Swiss, saw a very large attendance.
The quality of Italian products was in fact the main attraction for over 45 local operators, who requested information and supply proposals. Coffee was the main source of interest, given the strong increase in the number of places in Libya where this beverage can be tasted in all its variations.
In second place, pasta, which features daily on the Libyans’ tables.

Technological solutions dedicated to the activities related to food, such as refrigerator or freezer storage rooms, as well as equipment for processing raw materials and recycling food waste, also attracted a lot of attention.

The local operators’ considerations are very interesting: historically, they have shown a strong attachment to Italian products, which are known for their quality and reliability. Indeed, the strengthening of the local currency – the Libyan dinar, whose exchange rate with the dollar is now 3.9/1, as opposed to 8/1 a few months ago – contributed to a renewed interest in Italian products. Over the last 5 years, Turkish and Chinese products had replaced them – they are easier to buy, but worse in terms of quality.

The welcome visit of the Italian Ambassador, Mr. Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi, a long-standing acquaintance of Mr. Bargilli, to our booth, garnered the attention of the Libyan Guests in attendance and gave even more value to the initiative promoted by the Marche-based consultancy company.

The fair and the Italian partners

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Libia, Fiera Maggio 2018

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